Test Bank for Personality: A Systems Approach John D. Mayer


ISBN-10: 0205389147
ISBN-13: 9780205389148

A lively new textbook that reflects the renaissance in the field of Personality Psychology by addressing in sequence: Human personality, its parts, organization, and development.

The discipline of personality psychology can be viewed as responsible for explaining how a person’s major psychological subsystems — motives, emotion, cognition, self, and more — work together. Today personality psychology is undergoing a renaissance in which new research and theory is emerging. This textbook helps students keep up with those emerging trends.

Personality: A Systems Approach employs a new organization that integrates the best intellectual traditions within Personality Psychology. Over its four parts, the book examines what personality is, what personality’s major subsystems (e.g., motives, the self) are, how personality’s parts are organized, and how personality develops. Students will finish the course with an understanding of how personality systems work together and how personality develops from birth to the conclusion of life.



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