Test Bank for Multinational Management 4th Edition by Cullen


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  • Title: Test Bank for Multinational Management 4th Edition by Cullen
  • Edition: 4th Edition
  • ISBN-10: 0324361335
  • ISBN-13: 978-0324361339

The globalization of companies, the growing importance of emerging markets, the global impact of wars, terrorism, and even disease define the nature of today’s business. Developing and making strategic choices are the mainstays of successful decision making in this increasingly complex global environment. And the new fourth edition of Cullen & Parboteeah’s MULTINATIONAL MANAGEMENT: A STRATEGIC APPROACH delivers all the tools students need to succeed. Pioneering a distinctive strategic approach, the book uses strategy as its unifying theme to explore the global economy and the impact of managerial decisions–equipping students with a strategic mindset. It covers all topics essential to international management, including comparative management issues, formation and implementation of strategies in the global environment, the building of strategic alliances, negotiation and cross-cultural communication, international human resource management, business ethics, and much more. Equipping students with a broad perspective that’s not limited to one nation, the text considers how cultural differences affect strategies and operations, giving readers an appreciation of how social institutions are key to multinational operations. It also includes invaluable coverage of emerging markets–particularly India and China–and special emphasis to small business issues. Extensive sets of models created by the authors offer excellent visual aids, and students have countless opportunities to put chapter concepts into practice through Internet applications, Skill Builder exercises, end-of-chapter cases, and integrated end-of-section cases. In addition, the innovative Electronic Study Tools Web site connects students with chapter outlines, practice quizzes, electronic flash cards, PowerPoint slides, maps, related links, and much more. Relying heavily on intriguing, real-world examples, MULTINATIONAL MANAGEMENT delivers the most current research, data, and presentation available.

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