Test Bank for Introduction to Automotive Service James D. Halderman, Darrell Deeter


ISBN-10: 0133058611
ISBN-13: 9780133058611

For courses in Introduction to Automotive Service.

Introduction to Automotive Service covers all eight areas of automotive service, plus the soft skills and tool knowledge that students seeking entry-level employment must know. The text presents all systems together, making it easier for students to see how automotive systems are intertwined and connected. The text’s 40 short chapters divide the content into individual topics that can be more easily learned and mastered. Offering a solid foundation in the basics, this text uniquely addresses simple inspection and service procedures without overwhelming students by delving too far into each topic.


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Careers in the Automotive Service Industry
1. What should be included on a work order? (Text page 14)
The work order lists customer and vehicle information, including the VIN and a listing of services
requested by the owner.
2. Why should a vehicle be inspected when the work order is being written? (Text page 15)
A vehicle should be inspected when the work order is being written to be sure that no damage to the
vehicle has already occurred that could be blamed on the shop later.
3. What tasks are usually performed by a general service technician? (Text page 12)
A general service technician performs duties such as:
a. Uses diagnostic equipment and test drives vehicles, plus uses service information
b. Disassembles, replaces or repairs, and reassembles components
c. Performs scheduled service maintenance
d. Informs customers about the work performed by completing the work order by
completing the work order
4. What duties are performed by the shop foreman and service manager? (Text page 13)
The shop foreman runs the shop and directs and helps the service technician. The service manager is
responsible for all aspects of the service department, including customer service.
5. What duties are performed by a parts counter person? (Text page 15)
The parts counter person greets customers and helps find the correct parts needed. A parts counter
person also handles the purchase orders and money if a cash sale is made.
6. What duties are performed by vehicle salespeople? (Text page 15)
Vehicle salespeople greet the customer and help them select and purchase a vehicle. These duties
include understanding and following all of the paperwork requirements needed to complete the sale,
including loan applications and license forms.
1. A service advisor is called a ___________________. (Text page 13)
a. Shop foreman
b. Service Manager
c. Service writer    X
d. Technician
2. What is not included on a work order? (Text page 14)
a. Customer’s mother’s maiden name     X
b. VIN
c. Mileage
d. Description of work requested
3. All of the following are usual duties of a lube technician except ___________________. (Text page 11)
a. Oil change
b. Air filter replacement
c. Water pump replacement    X
d. Accessory drive belt inspection
4. New vehicle preparation is usually an entry-level vehicle service position and usually involves what duties?
(Text page 12)
a. Installing dealer-installed options
b. Correcting tire pressures
c. Removal of all protective coverings and plastic
d. All of the above    X
5. What is not a duty of a general service technician? (Text page 12)
a. Have the customer sign the work order    X
b. Order the parts needed
c. Diagnose the customer’s concern
d. Perform vehicle repair procedures
6. Which description best fits the role of a service advisor? (Text page 13)
a. A skilled technician
b. A beginning technician
c. A customer service representative    X
d. A money manager
7. Two technicians are discussing the duties of a shop foreman and a service manager. Technician A says that a
shop foreman diagnoses vehicle problems. Technician B says that the service manager usually repairs vehicle
problems. Which technician is correct? (Text pages 13-14)
a. Technician A only    X
b. Technician B only
c. Both Technicians A and B
d. Neither Technician A nor B
8. Who is the person that greets the service customer and completes the work order? (Text page 13)
a. Service manager
b. Service advisor
c. Service writer
d. Either b or c    X
9. Which job would be concerned with the maintenance of the shop equipment? (Text pages 13-14)
a. Service manager
b. Shop foreman
c. Shop owner
d. Any of the above    X
10. Which job would be concerned with working hours and pay? (Text page 15)
a. Service manager    X
b. Shop foreman
c. Service advisor
d. Service technician


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