Solution Manual for Pearson's Medical Assisting Skills Videos: Administrative and Clinical Skills : 0137021178


A Comprehensive Solution Manual for Pearson's Medical Assisting Skills Videos: Administrative and Clinical Skills By Pearson Education ISBN-10: 0137021178 ISBN-13: 9780137021178



A Comprehensive Solution Manual for Pearson's Medical Assisting Skills Videos: Administrative and Clinical Skills By Pearson Education ISBN-10: 0137021178 ISBN-13: 9780137021178

Medical Assisting Procedures for Video
1. Using Effective Listening Skills in Patient Interviews
2. Communicating with a Hearing-Impaired Patient
3. Communicating with Sight-Impaired Patients
4. Communicating with Patients via Interpreters
5. Answering the Telephone
6. Calling a Pharmacy with Prescription Orders
7. Greeting and Registering Patients
8. Collecting Payments at the Front Desk
9. Perform Routine Maintenance of a Computer Printer
10. Perform Routine Maintenance of Clinical Equipment
11. Faxing a Document
12. Receiving a Supply Shipment
13. Directing a Staff Meeting
14. Conducting an Interview
15. Calling Employee References
16. Performing an Employee Evaluation
17. Disciplining an Employee
18. Using Proper Lifting Techniques
19. Hand Washing
20. Nonsterile Gloving
21. Disinfection
22. Wrapping Surgical Instruments for Autoclave Sterilization
23. Loading and Operating an Autoclave
24. Pour Sterile Solution onto a Sterile Field
25. Opening a Sterile Surgical Pack to Create a Sterile Field
26. Using Transfer Forceps
27. Performing a Sterile Scrub (Surgical Hand Washing)
28. Glove While Wearing a Sterile Gown
29. Sterile Gloving and Glove Removal
30. Demonstrate Safety Measures to Prepare, Administer, and 31.
Document Medication
31. Demonstrate the Preparation of a Prescription for the Physician’s Signature
32. Demonstrate Withdrawing Medication from an Ampule
33. Demonstrate Withdrawing Medication from a Vial
34. Demonstrate the Reconstition of a Powdered Drug for Injection Administration
35. Demonstrate the Administration of a Medication during Infusion Therapy
36. Demonstrate the Preparation and Administration of Oral Medication
37. Demonstrate the Administration of a Subcutaneous Injection
Demonstrate the Administration of an Intramuscular Injection to Adults and Children
38. Demonstrate the Administration of a Z-Track Injection
39. Obtain an Oral Temperature with an Electronic Digital Thermometer
40. Obtain an Axillary Temperature with an Electronic Digital Thermometer
41. Obtain a Rectal Thermometer with an Electronic Digital Thermometer
42. Obtain an Aural Temperature with a Tympanic Thermometer
43. Obtain a Dermal Temperature with a Disposable Thermometer
44. Perform a Radial Pulse Count
45. Perform an Apical Pulse Count
46. Perform a Respiration Count
47. Measure Blood Pressure
48. Obtain Weight and Height Measurements
49. Demonstrate Patient Positions Used in a Medical Examination
50. Assist the Physician with the Physical Examination
51. Prepare the Skin for Surgical Procedure
52. Set Up a Sterile Tray and Assist the Physician with Minor Surgical Procedures
53. Assist the Physician with Suturing
54. Assist the Physician with Suture or Staple Removal
55. Change a Sterile Dressing
56. Check the Accuracy of Glucomter Results Using Quality Control Methods
57. Obtain a Precertification by Telephone
58. Demonstrate Screening and Follow-up of Test Results
59. Demonstrate Using the Microscope
62. Instruct a Patient in Collecting a Fecal Specimen for Occult Blood or Culture Testing
63. Perform a Wound or Throat Culture Using Sterile Swabs
Urine Cultures
64. Perform Rapid Group A Strep Testing
65. Perform a Butterfly Draw Using a Hand Vein
66. Demonstrate a Venipuncture Using the Evacuation System
67. Demonstrate a Venipuncture Using the Syringe Method
68. Perform a Capillary Puncture with Microcollection Tubes
69. Perform a WBC and Platelet Count with a Unopette Vial and Hemacytometer
70. Prepare a Blood Smear for a Differentiated Cell Count
72. Perform a Microhematocrit by Capillary Tube
73. Perform a Hemoglobin Test Using a Hemoglobulinometer
74. Perform an ESR Using the Wintrobe Method
75. Measure Blood Glucose Using Accu-Check™ Glucometer
76. Determine the Cholesterol Level with the ProAct Testing Device
Blood Typing and Grouping
79. Perform a Mononucleosis Test
80. Demonstrate Patient Instruction for Clean-Catch Urine Specimen
81. Demonstrate Patient Instruction for Collection of 24-Hour Specimen
82. Perform Catheterization of a Female Patient
83. Perform Catheterization of a Male Patient
85. Perform a Urinalysis with a Chemical Test Strip and Prepare the Specimen for Microscopic Examination
87. Demonstrate Patient Instruction for Testicular Self-Examination
88. Perform General Procedure for X-ray Examination
89. File and Loan Radiographic Records
90. Perform and Electrocardiogram
91. Applying a Holter Monitor
92. Demonstrate Performance of Spirometry
93. Measuring Oxygen Saturation Using a Pulse Oximeter
94. Demonstrate Performance of Peak Flow Testing
95. Demonstrate Performance of the Mantoux Test by Intradermal Injection
96. Measure Distance Visual Acuity with a Snellen Chart
97. Perform the Ishihara Color Vision Test
98. Perform Eye Irrigation
99. Perform Instillation of Eye Medication
100. Perform Simple Audiometry
101. Perform Ear Irrigation
102. Perform Instillation of Ear Medication
103. Assist with the Nasal Examination and Obtain Nasopharyngeal Specimen
104. Perform Adult Rescue Breathing and One-Rescuer CPR
105. Use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED
106. Respond to an Adult with an Obstructed Airway
107. Administer Oxygen
108. Responding to a Patient Who Has Fainted
110. Demonstrate the Application of a Pressure Bandage
111. Demonstrate the Application of Triangular, Figure 8, and Tubular Bandages
112. Demonstrate the Application of a Splint
113. Assist with a Colon Endoscopic/Colonoscopy Exam
114. Assist with a Sigmoidoscopy
115. Insert a Rectal Suppository
116. Assist with Fiberglass Cast Application
118. Assist the Patient with Cold Application/Cold Compress
119. Assist the Patient with Hot Moist Application/Hot Compress
120. Assist with Therapeutic Ultrasonography
121. Demonstrate Measuring for Axillary Crutches
122. Assist a Patient with Crutch Walking
123. Assist a Patient in Using a Cane
124. Assist a Patient in Using a Walker
125. Assist a Patient in a Wheelchair to and from an Exam Table
126. Assist with a Prenatal Exam
127. Instruct the Patient in Breast Self-Examination
128. Assist the Physician in the Performance of a Pelvic Examination and Pap Test
129. Perform an Urine Pregnancy Test
130. Assist with Cryosurgery
131. Perform and Record Measurements of Height or Length, Weight, and Head and Chest Circumference
132. Perform and Record Pediatric Vital Signs and Vision Screening
133. Perform Documentation of Immunizations, Both Stored and Administered
134. Perform Urine Collection with a Pediatric Urine Collection Bag
135. Assist in a Neurological Exam
136. Assist with a Lumbar Puncture
137. Prepare a Patient for an Electroencephalogram
138. Role-Play Sensorimotor Changes of the Elderly
139. Writing an Effective Resume
140. Composing a Cover Letter
141. Following Up After an Interview


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