Solution Manual for Foundations of Electric Circuits J.R. Cogdell


ISBN-10: 0139077421
ISBN-13: 9780139077425

Extracted from the highly successful Foundations of Electrical Engineering by the same author, this book gives a one-semester of electric circuits suitable for majors or nonmajors. Concepts and vocabulary are defined clearly and accurately, key unifying ideas in electric circuits are identified with icons in the margins, and problem solving techniques are presented in the many examples.

The book presents basic circuit analysis techniques, first and second-order transient analysis, AC circuit theory, transient and steady state circuit analysis based on complex numbers, and an introduction to electric power systems.

The presentation assumes knowledge of basic physics and calculus and is ideal for electrical engineering students with one course in circuits. Used with Foundations of Electronics, this book is ideal for a one-semester course in circuits and electronics for physics, engineering, or computer science students.


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